Sunday, 15 January 2012

Spring on Pearl Vietnamese tourism in Nha Trang Vietnam

Day 01: TP. HO CHI MINH-HOME PAGE (lunch, dinner)VP Pick up travelers at the airport Saigontourist and Tan Son Nhat Airport to Nha Trang Vietnam(Vietnam Trip 1352 took off 7:45: 8h40). Pick up guests at Cam Ranh airport to bring tourists to Nha Trang in the same way Song Lo - Hon RO (Railway was built along the coast of Cam Ranh - NhaTrang dreaming). To Nha Trang Vietnam, tourists visiting the famous sights than their husbands, Co Tien Mountain. Ha Ra bridge, bridge Hamlet Football, visit the tower she Ponagar. Afternoon car takes visitors to the pier Vinpearl high-speed train (or cable) through the DL Vinpearl. Check. Activities freely. Overnight at KDL Vinpearl.

Day 02: LAND AREA ENTERTAINMENT VINPEARL (Breakfast, lunch and dinner)Free at leisure in the DL or you can visit the tourist and recreational land Vinpearl with many works of modern and stylish with a scale comparable to many amusement parks in the country's leading region and Asia:• Admire the world's largest aquarium in Southeast Asia Vinpearl today with hundreds of thousands of sea creatures Visitors will travel by escalators in a 90m long tunnel under the sea meticulously designed to create a feeling fascinating, mysterious).• Participate in all the game action, thrills (Quay acrobatics, carousel horse wooden carousel elephant), the static game (glider, racing, space exploration, skiing, surfing, Electric car crash). Especially with new 4D movie theater, increase efficiency through the air nozzle, to explore the oceans, the mysterious tunnel or ghost castle.• See performances on the stage of modern music.• Walking along the shopping streets wider than 6.000m2 with a unique booth design.
Overnight at Pearl Vietnamese tourism.
Day 03: HOME PAGE - Ho Chi Minh City (Breakfast, lunch and dinner)Visitors and free entertainment at Pearl Vietnamese tourism. Check out, take the cable car or speed boat back to land. Pick up the delegation hot spa resort Thap Ba hot spring with the service "thermae aquatic therapy." Continue travelers flying out of Cam Ranh airport on the city. Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam (1359 U.S. tour took off 21h35: 22h30). End of tour. Customer self-home media.

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