Sunday, 12 February 2012

Zen in Nha Trang Vietnam Tourism: The type of tourism are popular

Besides exploring forms of tourism, resort in Nha Trang Vietnam ... current travel meditation (Zentourism) is a type popular in countries with urban growth rate high.Repeat balance spiritual, relaxing and friendly environment is the basic characteristic of this type of tourism and it is a movement to attract intellectuals and entrepreneurs. In Japan, sales of this type of tourism reached $ 30 billion each year in Thailand is also the great monastery, each year attracts millions of visitors to the practice of meditation.
Tourism is highly developed meditation in the city. Ho Chi Minh. Many travel companies here are the tours take visitors to the beautiful location, quiet, inviting experts to coordinate, reputable physician counseling of elderly diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, physiological age, exchange of life issues, participate in collective activities and guidance to visitors calm breathing methods - initial level of meditation, giving visitors the feeling gently , comfortable ... In Nha Trang Vietnam, Travel Co., Ltd. He also has a second British tour with Yoga meditation. It is a 2 day 3 night tour for visitors from the city. Ho Chi Minh, tour 3 days 4 nights for visitors from Da Nang and Hanoi Vietnam.
Anh Pham Ba Thanh - Director of Tourism UK Ltd He said: "Khanh Hoa has pretty much the ideal place to organize tours meditation. Our location is more than three choices, streams, springs Orchid Resort, Three Lakes, Van Phong bay ... This is where pristine forests, clean air, perfect for visitors to practice Meditation and Yoga. During the tour participants meditation - Yoga, visitors will be separated from all the pressures of life, daily work to immerse yourself in nature and learn the seemingly simple idea does not need to learn. It is learning how to relax and breathe properly. In particular, the instructor of the Yoga teacher training sessions Udvelanada Dada - an expert in Yoga. This tour is currently business travel value and attract more customers to participate. "
Each tour lasts only a few days but it is really very precious time for anyone who ever spent. A visitor from Ho Chi Minh city Vietnam said: "The work at the company very nervous, so I was tired of stress and suffering from insomnia due to worry too much about. Therefore, to sit quietly and observe your breath made me feel comfortable, more relaxed. In my opinion, this is limited inhibition, depression in life, because at times like this we will have more conditions to identify new lifestyle more useful. " In the quiet atmosphere, guests will be seated to hear instructions on breathing techniques, exercise, yoga and meditation practice ... Guests will meditate on the green lawn, listening to birds singing, the sound of murmuring streams and listen to their breath mingles with the natural rhythm of life. In addition, tourists can visit the monuments, scenic spots of Nha Trang Vietnam - Khanh Hoa learn the secrets as well as the benefits of practicing meditation ...
It only appeared in recent times but with bold imprints within reach deep meditation national culture and in the context of global integration, meditation will definitely travel with several conditions to develop into a type new tourism, contributing to a diverse and abundant than the tourism product in Khanh Hoa.

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